Thursday, November 29, 2007

Random Updates

Since I've been posting everyday with random thoughts and situations, I thought I'd give some updates on said thoughts and situations.

1. Ryan secured plane tickets for both me and Sydney for NYC; thank heavens for credit card points that can be turned into airline miles! Sydney does not know we're going yet, but I think she knows that something is up since I keep buying her warm clothes and I promised to take her boot shopping soon.

2. The morning sickness if FINALLY letting up a bit. As predicted, it hit a peak (and it was bad), but has since begun to fade. Thank goodness, because I think my family is tired of grilled cheese sandwiches and as the only food that has sounded good to me for the last two months, I'm pretty tired of them, too.

3. The car shopping is set for Saturday. Ryan has been getting e-mail quotes and has negotiated a bit with a few dealers on-line. Meanwhile, I'm still trying to get over the "I can't believe I'm getting a mini-van" feeling.

4. I had car problems today and I didn't cry! This is a huge step for me, especially with the raging pregnancy hormones. After doing some volunteer work at church, I noticed that I had a flat tire. One of the church maintenance men changed it for me and found a nail in the flat one. Guess Ryan is taking a trip to the tire store tonight whether he wants to or not.

5. My left hamstring muscle and right bi-cep muscle are killing me thanks to the Wii. Who knew you had to warm-up before playing that thing?

6. The gymnastics Gap Moms are still annoying me. Granted, there has been less sashaying by the pink shirt Gap Mom, but their conversations (which I can't help but overhear half the time since the parent holding section is not that big), both annoy me and crack me up. Yesterday, pink shirt Gap Mom was upset because her cleaning lady, who apparently spends two full days a week at her house, had the gall to schedule her vacation for the two weeks leading up to and including Christmas. Pink shirt Gap Mom wanted to know just who was going to not only clean her house and do her laundry, but wrap her Christmas gifts and bake her Christmas cookies. Ummmm, hello? Get off your rear end and do it yourself, you lazy woman!

Anyway, that about wraps up my updates. If I think of any more, I'll post them tomorrow, the last day (!) of NaBloPoMo.

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