Saturday, November 8, 2008

Don't Bother

I'm sure that Ryan and I were two of the last people on the planet to see the latest Indiana Jones movie, but if you haven't seen it, can I just not waste your time. It was terrible. Thank goodness we didn't spend money to see it.

When we moved to The Land of Fruit, the welcome wagon people (also known as the local chamber of commerce), sent us some coupons for local businesses. One of them was for three free movie/game rentals at a local store and so I took advantage of the coupon last week by renting Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Sex and the City and the the Wii Music game. Luckily, the other two choices were great, because the Indiana Jones movie stunk.

***Spoilers below***

It should have been titled " 'Stargate' + "The Mummy' + 'National Treasure' + the Other Three 'Indiana Jones' Movies" because it was very unoriginal and contained almost every adventure movie cliche:

* Long, silly title? Check!
* Angry, half naked native people? Check!
* Female foe with a strong accent? Check!
* Drawn out chase/fist fight scene? Check!
* Friend that turns out to be a traitor? Check!
* Character that dies due to greed? Check!
* Foe that gets what he/she wants and then dies? Check!
* Large temple full of treasure? Check!
* Temple that is actually a space ship? Check!

I had such high hopes for this movie. I adore the first and third ones of the series (sorry, Kate Capshaw, not a big fan of all the screaming in #2). And I thought that since the third one was so good (my favorite, actually), the fourth one was bound to be at least amusing. Wrong.

It took us two nights to finish it because I kept falling asleep and that right there should have been a sign that it was not worth it (that and the fact that they kept mentioning the Mayans in South America - gah!). But we finished it anyway and then looked at each other and immediately agreed that it was a big old stinker.

The one thing I did like about the movie was the fact that there was no helpless, screaming love interest. Karen Allen (Marion) revised her role and I loved her character. But other than that, total waste of time.

However, I do give two big thumbs up to "Sex and the City" and Wii Music game. Those two are definitely worth the money if you loved the HBO series or have a Wii console. I would pay to rent those again, and that means a lot from someone as cheap frugal as me.

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