Friday, November 7, 2008


Let me first say thank you to everyone for your tips and sympathy regarding our little non-sleeper. Sometimes I forget that we're not the only ones who are going/have gone through sleep deprivation. We will be trying some of your tips and with any luck, I'll have some good news to report back to you in a week or two.


A few months ago, I read about Postcrossing in this post by Swistle. I was immediately intrigued by the concept.

Here's a quick rundown: register with the site, request addresses, send postcards to random people around the world, they update the site saying they got your postcard, wait, you get postcards from around the world (or the US if that's an option you chose on the site).

As a former geography teacher, I am loving it. I've sent postcards to Finland, Italy, Spain, Taiwan, Japan, New Zealand and Germany.

I've received postcards from Australia, Germany, Italy, Finland, Estonia, Lithuania and Spain. I'd show you pictures of them but my camera is acting up. But trust me, they're beautiful and I love the little messages that the senders have written on them.

I love opening up the mailbox and seeing a postcard from a surprise location. And since the economy is tanking and traveling is pretty much not an option for us, I feel like I'm still getting to see other parts of the world.

And the best part is that it's cheap, albeit nerdy, entertainment. I found Texas-y postcards for a quarter apiece and the international stamps cost 90 cents each.

Of course, it's also educational, which I LOVE. I show Sydney each card that I get and we've even pulled out her globe to locate the countries on them.

So, two huge thumbs up. Happy postcrossing!

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