Friday, November 27, 2009

Excess Screen Time

My parents kept the kids overnight last night and since Ryan and I are both sick (hurray for catching what the kids had!), we decided to spend the day clearing out the DVR and wrapping Christmas packages. I am now sufficiently tired of both "Chelsea Lately" and "This Old House." But on the upside, we got a lot of presents wrapped and I only have four more gifts to buy. Yay!

Then I dragged him to the theater to see "New Moon" for even more screen time. Ryan declared it to be the biggest chick flick of all time and said it was "worse than 'The Notebook.'" I thought it was good, but it was so s...l...o...w. I've read the books and even I got a bit bored. But it's just one movie in a series of four, right? Aren't most "middle" movies of trilogies pretty bad and/or boring? (I'm thinking "Empire Strikes Back" and "Temple of Doom" here.)

Anyway, other than that.....I got nothin' today.

Hopefully, for your sakes, something exciting will happen tomorrow.

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  1. I loved New Moon!! I could watch it all day every day for a week and I will as soon as it comes out on DVD. I am glad you got Ryan to go with you. Jayme was HILARIOUS when we went. Our hubbies love us!!