Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Not Enough Money in the World

Sydney is obsessed with boots. I bought her a pair before our big trip to NYC a couple of years ago, she outgrew them last year and I promised her we'd find another pair for her this year.

Well, apparently pint-sized black boots are no longer in style because we cannot find them anywhere. We went shopping this past weekend and found several pairs of brown boots and she tried them on, but they just weren't great. And our parenting skills while shopping for boots weren't exactly great, either.

Sydney: These boots make me look like a cowboy.

Me: Then try the other ones.

Sydney (now wearing pair #2): These boots are too tight around my calf.

Ryan: OK, try these.

Sydney (now wearing pair #3): These are OK, I guess.

Me: They look a little clunky.

Sydney: But they're the best pair we've seen.

Me: Just because they're the best ones so far, doesn't mean we have to get them. We'll try some more stores another time.

Sydney: What is wrong with this world?!? Why can't there be any nice boots?

Ryan: Ask your granddad. He'll tell you what's wrong with this world.

Me: Please don't ask him.

Sydney: Why did God make all the boots ugly?

Me: God didn't make the boots. Indonesian children made those boots.

Ryan: But a gay guy in New York designed them, so really he's at fault.

Me: OK...she repeats things, you know.

Sydney: Quit making fun of God!

Me: We're not making fun of God.

Sydney: Well, God made the Indonesian kids who made the boots so you're making fun of Him, too.

Me: OK, OK, we'll stop.

So how much does therapy cost these days? I have a feeling our kids are going to need a whole lot of it.


  1. Ha ha ha! That's too funny. We already have to watch when we say things like that around Zac. Every time I picture him telling the same thing to someone else...which he totally will...and has.

    Have you looked online for boots? I know there are some great kids shoe companies online.

  2. "Ask your grandad" "No don't" LOLOLOLOLOL

  3. This made me snort out loud. I love it!

  4. very funny! couldn't stop laughing.

    -- tien

  5. In regards to therapy, I know with my insurance its $15 a visit. Thank God for that because I have been using it a lot...