Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Just like last year, I'm going to devote Thursdays in November to not-so-serious things for which I am thankful. Today's list may be short because I have a had a very trying week thus far (read: a sick 6 year old, a separation anxiety stricken 1 year old and an almost three year old who must have received a surge of testosterone because he thinks we're all his own personal punching bags).

I am thankful for:

* Wine. See above description of my week.
* People who RSVP for parties. "Yes" or "No", I really don't care, just let me know so that I can plan!
* Being able to get all dressed up for a fancy night out with Ryan. I love feeling like a grown up. Not a mom, just a grown up.
* Online shopping. Getting out and shopping with three kids? Not so much fun.
* Non-noisy toys.
* Sweet grocery store clerks who make my kids smile.
* Leftover Halloween candy that I can sneak during nap time.
* Our new temporal thermometer.

What silly thing are you thankful for?

1 comment:

  1. LOVE the first thankful item LOL!! and the second one is a pet peeve of mine as fact I really like all of yours. I have been compiling a list of thankfulness for my blog closer to Thanksgiving :)