Saturday, November 14, 2009


Dear Helmetless Motorcycle Drivers,

I'll bet you didn't know that when I see you on the freeway, I say a little prayer for your safety. But when I see you purposely driving recklessly, I almost want to revoke that prayer.

A Concerned Driver


Dear Lady in the Parking Lot,

Did you honestly think that rolling your eyes and tapping your fingers on the steering wheel while waiting for my parking spot was going to make me load my packages and kids into the car any faster? If anything, I moved more slowly, especially since there was an empty parking space three cars down. Lazy lady.

Not Sincerely,
The Lady Who Has the Power to Move Like a Snail


Dear My Old Hometown,

While driving down your main street today, I saw not one, but two billboards advertising a medical study for people with leprosy. Is there something you need to tell me?

A Former Resident With the Heebie-Jeebies


Dear Virus,

I am respectfully requesting that you leave my house. I have replaced toothbrushes, washed sheets and blankets and sprayed every surface with Lysol, yet you continue to bother us. You have overstayed your welcome and we'd be much obliged if you would find another home to inhabit.

Thank You,
A Broke and Tired Mama


Dear Liam,

Thank you for getting up several times the last few nights to cough uncontrollably, wheeze and cry. Any second thoughts we may have had about having another baby have been vanquished by your reminders of how tough life is when you are running on no sleep.

Your Sleep Deprived Mom


Dear Pharmacy,

Thank you for always having my son's medicine. I can't imagine having to drive all over town looking for his breathing medication.

A Mom to a Sick Boy


  1. I totally agree with you about the parking lot vultures. C'mon people, a small amount of walking won't kill you, and will save time! D.

  2. I, personally, feel as though there should be a law that, if you choose to not wear a helmet while riding a motorcycle, you automatically become an organ donor. When I see those same people, driving recklessly, I say a prayer that they're a donor.

  3. I love the home town one. I haven't seen them but have not gone down the main drag for a couple months. Interesting....